How articles are made up

A category can contain one or many articles which will be displayed depending on the mode you choose.

An article is consisting of Article Head, Title, Subtitle, Time settings for switching visibility depending on date, Article Alias Name, Templates, Summary and pictures, one for the article itself, another one for the article listing mode, just to name a few important ones.

An Article now can contain one or many Content Parts (CPs).

Artikcle generally always output in the tag {CONTENT}.

Display modes

There are two modes, the one is called article display mode, the other is the article listing mode.

You can set up the mode by going to (ADMIN→Site Structure→Categoryname) for the complete category. The field Top article count: will define, which display mode will take place within this particular category.
There is a default for a simple display mode - you'll see a preset of -1. (this simply means that by default the complete article will be displayed with all content parts).

To get into article listing mode you'll simply enter a number > 0 which ist defining the number of displayed articles. (articles of this category will now be delivered showing their “Summary”- text only one after the other. In this list overview only the article heads (the “Summary”- text and a picture) is displayed without their CPs).

If you have e.g. 8 articles and in “top article count:” the number of 2 is selected, the “Summary”- text of the first 2 article is displayed. The other 6 articles are only displayed by a simple link.

The article head:

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The title of the article head must be created. It automatically the alias of the article is formed, which can be replaced with a different name. <note tip>The system does not allow dual alias. If the entered alias already exist, autom. a -1/2/3 … is attached. → E.G. lummerland becomes lummerland-1. </note>

So now this article is first on the alias of the category and second on the alias of the article available.

Mode: Article detail display

This mode is certainly the most in use.

In the category the point top article count: is set to -1 (default).
site structure and article list

  • In ARTICLE→site structure and article list (The structure is shown at ADMIN→site structure) the article now is created with +.
  • In each case the title is required, so that an alias can be generated.
  • The article must be switched to [x] visible (at the bottom left hand corner).
  • If the article is created, now the different content parts (CPs) can be selected and filled with content.

This is the minimum configuration of the article. For the article detail display mode, no additional settings are required.

Mode: Article list display

This mode is to be ideally over e.g. represented products or pieces of news in an overview briefly and scarcely.

In the category top article count: is set to >1 (eg, 10).

  • For the article creation from the principle the same is valid as under Article detail display, with the difference that within a category (side level) several articles are put on (should).
  • In article list mode is the head of each article of particular importance. The output of the article is placed with start and end date in a time window.
  • For the list and detailed view of each, separate templates can be integrated. (Found in /template/inc_cntpart/articlesummary/list/* or /article/* ).
  • Limted summary text:
    • The summary text (from the wysiwyg editor) can be limited to a specified number of characters and are provided with a more … Link.
    • Since version 1.5 r427 the string -//- can also be used as a delimiter in the text.
    • Only the truncated (limited) article summary text is displayed in the Article list output.
      With one click on more… the entire article with the image in article detail and its CPs (if available) spent.

<note important> Hidden editing articles and CPs:

If the article and the following CPs are not to be visible during editing or creating in the FE, then may status: public [] in the article not set (down center).

In config/phpwcms/ set $phpwcms['SESSION_FEinit'] = 1;. </note>

<note tip> If the image is not enlarged in the article list mode, just click on this image to view the details (complete presentation of the article) to be delivered. </note>

Wrapper for article-list -and detail view

Page template:

<div id="outer">

Article template:

<div id="outer">
    <div class="list-item">entry 1</div>
    <div class="list-item">entry 2</div>
    <div class="list-item">entry 3</div>


#outer .list-item { /* whatever */ }

List-mode tags in main template:

<!--IF_LIST_MODE_START//--><div class="list-items"><!--IF_LIST_MODE_END//-->
<!--ELSE_LIST_MODE_START//--><div class="full-article"><!--ELSE_LIST_MODE_END//-->

Short link overview

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