One thumb - several largesize

The problem:

In CP images <div> only the first thumb of all is to be displayed. All large pictures should be visible in the LightBox using (next/prev).


Only the first thumb is visible, all other are hidden.

Screenshot taken from Images <special> because the function is identical.

Solution V3:

Since version 1.4.6 r402 with all patches, see download docu ”DEV - Versionen im ZIP Format”.

Forum: Bilder einfügen mit nur 1 Vorschaubild

Edit appropriate template of the CP and drop the following into the style definition of the enclosing container:

[PHP]if ('{FIRST}' == '') echo 'display: none;';[/PHP]

“display: none” is set for all <div> enclosing container, except the first.

E.g. in a “Images special” template:

<div id="img{IMGID}" class="imageEntry" style="float:left;padding:5px;border:1px solid #CCCCCC;margin:{SPACE}px {SPACE}px 0 0; [PHP]if ('{FIRST}' == '') echo 'display: none;';[/PHP]">
        <!-- auto <p>info text</p> text -->
        <!-- pure HTML info text -->

The number of columns in BE must be at least as large as the number of images, since the ID (FIRST) = <!-- First Image --> will be placed on a column top.

There are no more scripts needed.

See also “Images <spezial>” One thumb - several largesize

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