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Layout/Templates for articles and CPs (content parts):

The layout of articles and nearly all CPs is determined in each case by own templates. In the termplate folder we find appropriate template files. Please copy a main template into the right folder and rename it to your own.

Basic template at: (Don´t change this files) template/inc_default/*

Specific self made templates: template/inc_cntpart/[Article/CP-name]/*

Here you will find different files, in most cases again there are a basic templates.

  • Please copy/rename and store this basic template (or the one from template/inc_default/*) into this folder.

<note important>Importantly, otherwise the next update is crashing your template (overwritten with a standard template).</note>.

  • Now the Template can be adapted with your own conceptions.
  • At BE in articles or CPs this template emerges now in the selection list and can be selected. (After a browser refresh (F5) if the artcle/CP straight is in progress).

The contents of e.g. template/inc_cntpart/articlesummary/list/* correspond with the selection field [template: article listing] at - > ” edit article basis information” or e.g.

template/inc_cntpart/wysiwyg/* with the selection field ” template: in the CP ” WYSIWYG HTML”.

<note tip>If there will be no basis at template/inc_cntpart/[Artilel/CP-Name]/* please copy/rename the file from template/inc_default/* and save it into template/inc_cntpart/[Artilel/CP name]/* by using another name.</note>

<note important>In case your CP template is containing Sonderlauts like ä ö ü or similar ones you have to save it as utf-8 (guessing that your site is running with utf-8).
Otherwise you have to encode them like that: ä =⇒ &auml;</note>

If CSS classes in the template do not exist in the CSS file of your choice (in template/inc_css/*) please simply create them. It is important that this CSS file is loaded in page template.

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