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Ok very short version in english - hope you can figured out.

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Forum: Content Slider mit jQuery ab phpwcms 1.4.4 rev 386

Autor: Marcus Obst (marcus@localhorst) 2009/11/30
CMS Version: >= V1.44 r386
Version: V1.0
Update: 1.0 (2009/12/04)
Update: 1.0 (2011/02/02)

Until V1.4.7 r409: (8.65 KiB, 115 downloads)
From V1.4.7 r410: (59.91 KiB, 98 downloads)
(With UI-Library V1.8.9 für jQuery V1.4 in “template/libjquery/plugin/”).

Condition: $phpwcms['allow_cntPHP_rt'] = 1;/config/phpwcms/ —-


1. update to the very latest version phpwcms version 1.4.4, rev 386, 2009/11/29! check the new configvars in

2. login and goto ADMIN > Templates - see the new options - choose jquery, load instantly (?), use google ajax lib if you prefer. It's just important to choose jQuery at this first test ;-)

3. downlaod: (8.65 KiB, 115 downloads) or (59.91 KiB, 98 downloads) for cms versions > r409 in my first post and drop it into your installation. Take a look at the files/structure.

Setup a Teaser Contentpart with 3 entries - they all need listing images to display! Choose the teaser template provided with the zip file. Save and you should be done :-)

For more information, visit this page and peek into the new php files to get a hint what happen!

There is a new Template replacer to add JavaScript dynamically

<!-- JS: featured_slider -->

need exactly the following file in that path template/lib/jquery/plugin/jquery.featured_slider.js you can use something like

<!-- JS: http:/ / -->


UPDATE 02.02.2011:

Since CMS-Version V1.4.7 r410

<!-- JS: featured_slider -->
<!-- JS: -->

must be replaced with

$GLOBALS['block']['custom_htmlhead']['jqueryui'] = getJavaScriptSourceLink(html_specialchars(''));

No longer you can´t be included js file from an external page with a TAG <!-- JS:....-->.
(In the above shown involvement of the UI version of jQuery 1.8.9, the Lib V1.4x mist be switched to on the template).

Alternatively the static user interface library (included in the download package 2011-02-02) can be used with

<!-- JS: featured_slider -->
<!-- JS: ui-1.8.9.custom.min -->

thats for the template.

In php scripts (at example special frontend_render cases or modules) you can use


it's the same.

In case you call a plugin in these ways, jQuery Lib will always be included.
That's all.

Give it a try and tell if it works this way :)

Read the code to get the idea behind.
There are some more options like inlineJS calls and onunload calls and stuff, but that's for special cases. If you switch to jquery all of your previous mootools scripts will not work any longer - slimbox will, because it's included as jQuery version. so take care of any live environment - make backups or setup a new system to play with that.

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