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Since the release of r282 it is possible to process an own PHP function between the action “submit” and “sending the E-Mail”. This function can read all the form input, modify, and return it. See: PHP function include

However, the changed data is not recorded in the database, since these data have been written into it before. If we need this possibility, we have to switch over to another method.

A simple script in template/inc_script/frontend_init/ -folder is processed before the PHP function call of the form.

The fundamental differences between a normal /frontend_init/.. -Script and the special script (PHP function :) which can be triggered from the form:

  • Normal /frontend_init/.. -Script: All entries will be displayed in the variable $_POST. The values ​​are in $_POST['EingabefeldName'] and may be changed.. (The changes are written to the DB.)
  • Form /frontend_init/.. -Script (PHP function:): The input variables $mail and $postvar are shown, but can not be changed. Die The templates “Send To” and “send copy to” in the variable $form are shown and can be changed. (The changes are not written to the DB.)

Processing order:

  1. Deliver the form to the browser.
  2. User input.
  3. Submit: receiving the form with the user input.
  4. Processing the /frontend_init/.. -Scripts, e.g. to manipulate the contents of the variable $_POST['FieldName']. At this point, an deliberately error can be produced. The contents of a “required” field in $_POST['FieldName'] will be deleted.
  5. Caching of form data to the database.
  6. Processing PHP function call from the form. The contents of the variable $email and $postvar can be read, the contents of $form can be read and write. (These changes are not recorded in the DB.)
  7. Check the fields that must be filled out (“required”).
    • On error, continue at point 1. with error code.
  8. Export the cached form data into the DB.
  9. Sending e-mails.

<note important> Scripts in the /frontend_init/ -folder should be used with consideration, as this is an early intervention in the system process.
These scripts should differentiate the site compared to the edited excerpt in order to avoid side effects. E.g. at least query the category. </note>

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