First Steps

To give you an idea on how to start with the module we provide here a quick tutorial:

    • think about the necessity of categorization for your Google Maps Points: if you'll have a lot of points of different nature or when you want to group your points then categorization may be worth the effort. Set up the first categories you'll need for your project. This can be changed or extended later on with ease, but it's good to think about it first.
    • Go here to see what icons are installed in the module. If you need other icons for your project it's a good idea to install them before you begin to add points.
    • Now add your points you're going to use within your maps on your website.
    • Even if you want to display just an empty map on your website you'll need at least one point where the map can be centered to.
  • Once your points are saved you can now define a map and add the points to it. Add a new Content Part to your article where you want the map to appear.
    • Add the points to the current map
    • Define size, position and controls for the map
    • Tell the script how Markers are displayed in the map
    • Add a sidebar to your map with more controls such as categorization in frontend, routeplanner, search

That's it. We added many new features to the module to make it easy for everyone to get a map running on his website as quick as possible.
But there are many more features for the profs where you can really make the Maps personal and userfriendly.
Some of them:

    • In order to provide your frontend users the language according to their browser settings the module has it's own translation tool. So you may want to add the languages your potential website users speak.
    • Add a Google API Key to your Map when you want to monitor the usage of the map.
    • Styled maps allow you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Use the online wizard to get the corresponding JSON code. It's really easy!
    • We open up a connection to the script where you can add javascript code to every map, so you can virtually do everything what Google lets you do with and on your maps.

Please notify us when you have problems or any feature requests and feel free to report bugs, we're willing to learn and enhance the module if necessary.

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