Frontend language translation
In order to provide your frontend users the language according to their browser settings the module has it's own translation tool.
So, when you add german in the module, and a frontend user with german as browser language will see the german values in the map.
We chose this behaviour, because Google Maps works the same way, therefore the user will not notice any difference between what comes from Google and what comes from the module.

You can set all expressions for controls that will appear in frontend (morebutton, sidebar, info-window) for virtually every language on the planet.
The module comes with 5 languages already installed. English is the default language and can not be deleted or deactivated, the translation can be changed though.
When you open a new language the fields get filled with the english values, you should then translate each one of them. The script allows each language only once, for obvious reasons. There will be a warning when you try to add a language twice.
<note important>The script will replace empty values with its english equivalents in frontend. Same for inactive and not existing languages.</note>

You'll get the corresponding image next to the fields for better understanding where the expression appears in frontend.

This feature is not widely tested with other than latin languages, english or german. We are willing to help (and learn) when you encounter some troubles with your language.

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