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In further explanation we talk about:

A few things you should know about the usage:

  • levels
    • only 2 levels are supported
  • parent category
    • do not attach points to parent categories! These points will NEVER show up in frontend! (The number of points appears red in the listing in this case!)
    • a parent (category with children) can not be changed into a child category. The module supports only 2 levels.
  • children category
    • do not change children category with points in it to root category! Although teoretically possible you should not do this! First change the category for the points, then do the category hierarchy-switch.
  • avtive / inactive
    • categories are active per default
    • but: when you add a new category to an inactive parent it will be inactive as well
    • you can change the status only in the listing, not in the edit form of the category
    • on set to inactive:
      • it checks if current category is a parent, if so it sets all its children to inactive as well
    • on set to active:
      • it checks if current category is a child, if so it sets its parent to active as well
  • delete
    • you can only delete categories with no points attached to and/or only if the category has no children

This is how it may look like:

We deleted all the filtering and pagination options here, because it just doesn't make sense.
You will always see all categories.

The info text for the category is still there although not used until now. We added it to the tooltip in the listing now, so it makes at least a little bit of sense.

It's still not perfect and it's still not a real categorization. But it schould fit most needs and we tried to put as much logic in it as needed to prevent you from corrupting the hierarchy.
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