SQL commands

deleting some dirt

Old entries inside your db

Often the deleted entry in BE won´t killed in DB. You can regenerate the old entries via phpMyAdmin.

In future please rename the purging structure level to an nonsensical name (and save) before deleting this level.

To throwing out all deleted entries from db, please run this snippet using phpMyAdmin in SQL:

For deleted articles:

DELETE FROM phpwcms_article WHERE article_deleted=9;
DELETE FROM phpwcms_articlecontent WHERE acontent_trash=9;

For deleted structure names:

DELETE FROM phpwcms_articlecat WHERE acat_trash=9;

For deleted files/pictures

<note important> For deleted files/pictures (only after you have cleared the trash can in filemanager and doing Admin → remove deleted files!!! </note>

DELETE FROM phpwcms_file WHERE f_trash=8;
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