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f_id int(11) running unique ID 24 . . .
f_pid int(11) ID of parent entry from [f_id] 2
f_uid int(11) Owner-ID from phpwcms_user[usr_id] 2
f_kid int(2) ———–
f_order int(11) ———–
f_trash int(1) trashed = 1 0/1
f_aktiv int(1) Activ - state from entry at BE 0/1
f_public int(1) Pblic - state from entry at BE 0/1
f_tstamp timestamp Last changes made date: 2009-01-31 19:35:25
f_name varchar(255) Folder- or filename ambiente_bad_raum.png
f_cat varchar(255) ———–
f_created int(11) Date of data set entry created 11233426925
f_changed int(11) Date of data set entry changed 1232968793
f_size int(15) Größe (nur bei Dateien) in kbyte 433905
f_type varchar(200) file type (only for files) image/png
f_ext varchar(50) Datei Extend (nur bei Dateien) png
f_shortinfo varchar(255) Entry from field keyword in BE Keyword
f_longinfo text Entry from info field in BE Infotext
f_thumb_list varchar(255) ———–
f_thumb_preview varchar(255) ———–
f_keywords varchar(255) ———–
f_hash varchar(50) Hash filename 0e537d421ec6f3….
f_dlstart int(11) number of downloads started 2
f_dlfinal int(11) number of downloads finished 1
f_refid int(11) ———–
f_copyright varchar(255) Entry copyright text in BE Copyrighttext
f_tags varchar(255) Entry tag field in BE Schlagwort
f_granted int(11) Secured frontend download only in BE 0/1
f_gallerystatus int(1) Allow download in gallery in BE 0/1
f_vars blob ———–
f_sort int(11) Sort field 1 2 3 4 . . .


Keyname Type Cardinality Field
f_granted INDEX None f_granted
f_sort INDEX None f_sort since V1.4 r300
f_name INDEX None f_name
f_shortinfo INDEX None f_shortinfo
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