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guestbook_id int(11) running unique ID 14 . . .
guestbook_cid int(11) alias ID used in guestbook contentpart 2
guestbook_msg text Text entry TEST TEXT TEXT …
guestbook_name text User name Sir Oblong-Fitz-Oblong
guestbook_email text eMail adress
guestbook_created int(11) Date of entry created 1251067220
guestbook_trashed int(1) 0=visible / 9=unvisble (killed) 0/9
guestbook_url text user url
guestbook_show int(1) 0=show email / 1=hide email / 2=show email as “info at mail dot com” 0/1/2
guestbook_ip varchar(20) user ip 123.345.678.91
guestbook_useragent varchar(255) md5 Server HTTP_USER_AGENT 7ee43b2c7cd249376…
guestbook_image varchar(255) User uploaded image in /filearchive/guestbook_ID/ 8f9b6821990fc8a7….jpg
guestbook_imagename varchar(255) Name of user uploaded image imagename.jpg


Keyname Type Cardinality Field
PRIMARY PRIMARY 0 guestbook_id
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