Category/article/cp -ids

data base:

phpwcms_articlecontent (ContentParts)
  • phpwcms_articlecontent.acontent_id = CP ID
  • phpwcms_articlecontent.acontent_aid = ID of the article in that the CP is

phpwcms_article (Article)
  • phpwcms_article.article_id = ID of the article
  • phpwcms_article.article_cid = ID of the category in that the article is

phpwcms_articlecat (Categories)
  • phpwcms_article.acat_id = ID of the category

During runtime:

$GLOBALS['aktion'][0];  = Category  ID (Output always)
$GLOBALS['aktion'][1];  = Article ID (Output only in article detail view)

All categories: → $content[“struct”]
All articles: → $content[“articles”]

dumpVar($GLOBALS['content']["struct"]);   // category structure
dumpVar($GLOBALS['content']["articles"]); // actual article structure
dumpVar(get_actcat_articles_data('54'));  // All articles behind the category with ID e.g. 54

See also: System variables

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