Tags in the template

Here are presented a number of tags that can be used in the template.

Printing ranges determination:

Tags: <!--NO_PRINT_END//--> and <!--NO_PRINT_START//-->

Using the tags <!--NO_PRINT_END//--> and <!--NO_PRINT_START//--> ranges of the side are released or closed for printing.

<div class="header">
<div class="col1"><!-- Column 1 start -->
<div class="footer">

The ranges HEADERS and FOOTER would be excluded from the expression.

Search Result Highlighting


This is very easy:
Imaging your template:

<div class="col1"><!-- Column 1 start -->

Now you will get the search results highlighted even within the resulting pages - WOW - and not at the results page itself only

Affect the output of articles:

Article-list mode:

Tags: <!--IF_LIST_MODE_START//--> and <!--IF_LIST_MODE_END//-->

--> will be shown when in article listing mode
--> everything wrapped in ELSE_LIST_MODE will be deleted

Article-detail mode:

Tags: <!--ELSE_LIST_MODE_START//--> and <!--ELSE_LIST_MODE_END//-->

--> will be shown when in article detail mode
--> everything wrapped in IF_LIST_MODE will be deleted

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