The installation procedure is quick and easy!

Unzip the downloaded file to your installation.

To activate the module go to the modules section an click the new 'cmCalendar' link.

That's it!
The module adds 3 tables to the phpwcms database.

The module appears as a new content part: plug-in: cmCalendar


(only recommended for phpwcms >= 1.4.4 r381)

BACKUP the existing module files and the Database! Unzip the downloaded file to your phpwcms installation and overwrite the existing files in folder: include/inc_module/mod_cm_calendar

CHECK TO NOT overwrite your template and css files in folder:

  • include/inc_module/mod_cm_calendar/template/cntpart
  • include/inc_module/mod_cm_calendar/template/css
  • include/inc_module/mod_cm_calendar/template/print

You MUST update all your existing cmCalendar ContentParts within your site.
Especially the field 'selection' under event listing could contain a serialized string, delete it and enter the desired selection values again.
Check your teaser template, the classes there changed.

No changes are made in the Database.

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