Description: With this Module you get a powerful event calendar and a set of functions to handle and display your calendar data with individual layouts. The module includes the ICS standard to transmit calendar-based data to various calendar applications.

Version 1.2.1
Release date 06. July 2009
last Update 14. May 2012
Author breitsch for
License GNU General Public License (GPL)
Language en, de
Type Free (but note the donation button on the left!)
CMS Version Module V1.2.0 >= CMS V1.4.4(r381)
Module V1.1.0 >= CMS V1.3.5


Release notes and change log

Version 1.2.1
Issue 11 fixed, error in cmCalendar Outlook function
Version 1.2.0
eventsets weekly changed to daily (every n days)
backend calendar filtering behavior changed
update backend events (AJAX-Calendar) to mootools 1.2
include module in frontend search engine from phpwcms
new standard tab for overview of calendar content parts within the website
enhanced content part with accordion effects and super-cool image drop down!
3 new css files for frontend mini calendar
all 3 frontend appearances now work together
the module should be mod_rewrite-save now
rss feed (as xml) integration
“event owned by user” enhancement - thanks to thoblerone
several bugs eliminated
security issues solved
Version 1.1.0
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