Description: With this Module you get a powerful tool to display jQuery Sliders in your website.
Since the most important aspect is that the module can be used without any html and/or template editing.
Therefore the module includes only free (see the respective licenses) and easy to use sliders with relatively few settings. But with a few clicks you'll get stunning results on your website.

Version 1.3
Release date 12. Nov. 2013
Last Update 02. Feb. 2014
Author breitsch for
Thanks to
License GNU General Public License (GPL)
Language en, de
Type Free/Donationware Pro Version
CMS Version >= V1.6.529 r529 (1)

(1) The module runs in PHPWCMS > 1.4.5 but requires min. jQuery 1.9 and min. CKEditor 4.0.1 (for IE10) wich was included with r529 at 2013/02/08. To run the module in PHPWCMS versions prior to 1.6.529 you'll have to update the jQuery Library to min. 1.9 and CKEditor to min. 4.0.1

This script includes the following jQuery plugins to use them with PHPWCMS:
Free Version:

Pro Version the above and:


Release notes and change log

Enhancements in the Free Version will automatically go to the Pro Versions as well.

Free Pro
Version 1.3.1
ADD thumbnails navigation to NivoSlider
Version 1.3
jQuery 1.9 intern
jQueryUI 1.9.2 intern
jQuery 1.9 intern
jQueryUI 1.9.2 intern
Version 1.2
Bugfixes Bugfixes
Version 1.1
DEL NivoSlider Plugin
DEL Allow HTML in Caption
DEL HTML Editor for Caption
DEL Advanced Options API
DEL Advanced Styling
ADD NivoSlider Plugin
ADD Allow HTML in Caption
ADD HTML Editor for Caption
ADD Advanced Options API
ADD Advanced Styling
ADD Camera Slideshow Plugin

Version 1.1
Split Module in Free and Pro Version
Pro Version will be Donationware (min. €20)
Version 1.0 Simple style takes care of all CSS settings and correct HTML for browsercompatibility
Responsive layouts possible with advanced styling
Autodetect the correct JS-Library to make the sliders work
easy adding pictures to the sliders
HTML captions with WYSIWYG editor
jQuery UI (1.10) used in Backend
Add more JS Options Code without hacking the files
Plugins API to add more sliders
SlidesJS 3.0
Nivo Slider v3.2
bxSlider 4.1.1
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