Deleting spare images

Deleting spare thumbnails/images at /content/images/ and clean the database table “phpwcms_imagecache”:

FAQ: [>1.2.5] Deleting spare thumbnails at /content/images/:

Autor: K. Heermann

  1. File center: Delete all spare files. Clear your trash.
  2. Admin: reset/delete cache; remove delete files
  3. Logout
  4. Via FTP: Clearing the folder /content/images/ exept the index.html.
  5. activate your phpMyAdmin
  6. activate the tabel phpwcms_imagecache
  7. Backup this table: Export → save it localy
  8. Show choosen
  9. display: 1000 data sets, beginning at 1 → activate
  10. bottom left “All choosen”
  11. DELETE
  12. Now we have a blank tabel. At the second step we will rearrange the index. But it isn´t necessary.
  13. Upper right “Option” click
  14. At the bottom under table option: set auto_increment to 1 → OK

Thats all. There is a clean System starting with a new index. The thumbnails automatically shall be generated during working with the system.

Have a look too: Filecenter: Internal Usage of Files

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