Filecenter: Internal Usage of Files

FAQ: [>1.2.5]Filecenter: Internal Usage of Files:

Version: [>1.2.5]

Autor: K. Heermann

Renamed folders since ~ v1.2.7:

  • /phpwcms_filestorage/ renamed to /filearchive/
  • /phpwcms_ftp/ renamed to: /upload/

The folder filearchive is the source for all images.

Here all images arrive after the ftp-takeover from the folder upload. It is the renamed genuine file. The system itself renames every image wirh a new cryptical name. It doesn't matter because these names are assigned to the original names in the database.

When the small thumbnail images are being created in the filecenter, the first images go into the folder /content/images/. (With the help of GD oder IM).

When we click on a thumbnail image, a new large preview image will be created (max 538×538) that we also can find in the folder /content/images/ (Naturally all crytic names). But that doesn't matter, our database knows all.

Now we place an image with the help of an image content part into the page. A new image is again created and will be placed into the above named folder. When we have activated the option “Click enlarge”, a further image with the given measures will be created. Does the database check all actions?

Yes it does. » It even knows which image we have changed against an imaghe with the same name and also which images we have deleted in the filecenter.

Only deleting is strange because the files are not getting deleted out of the folder.

That isn't easy yet, that's why the system gets inflated with so many unused files.

Final Deleting of a File in the Filecenter: Very Happy

- for the folder filearchive:

  1. Delete the images / files in the filecenter
  2. Click on trash and delete the files once more
  3. Go to Admin and click on “remove delete files”
  4. With this action the files are being moved in the folder ”../filearchive/can_be_deleted/*”
  5. There you can delete the files using FTP
  6. open the database with PHPMyAdmin
  7. go to the table “phpwcms_file”
  8. Delete all table entries with f_trash != 0

So, we got it - but the files did not disappear out of the folder /content/images/ .

For experts there is a practicable solution. I mean a clean solution, not only to clear the folder and generate the images new, thereby the database table “phpwcms_imagecache” will be flooded - but that would be the simple variant.

Read more: [>1.2.5] Deleting spare images

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