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path file descpription
/template/inc_Script/felogin/ README.txt Doc
/template/inc_Script/felogin/ felogin.ini.php Main proc.
/template/inc_Script/felogin/ felogin.logout.html
/template/inc_Script/felogin/ felogin.login.html
/template/inc_Script/fronend_init/ felogin.init.php Main proc.
/template/inc_Script/fronend_render/ felogin.render.php Main proc.

<note important>Please do not confound with the inserted FE-LOGIN.</note>

FIXME better translate from german to english

For sure I know you are waiting for the new release since long time including long-awaited permissions and so on.

And yes, I am working on it and as I told flip-flop yesterday: I need it myself for coming projects.

But I also know that there are many of you waiting for a fast and simple simple solution to limit access to special sections of your site, e.g. login area for customers or other user groups.
I have no backend-ready thing for you right now but here is a very generic | frontend_init/frontend_render script package.

Try it, I have it tested in current development release only but it should work in 1.3.3 too. Documentation is included.

Oliver FIXME

This FELOGIN behaves like a hood, it's working from outside and kind of covering the entire process. (since version ~1.2.5). There is no connection to the internal users and all the associated functions. Users, their keywords and the the protecting levels are administered in an external file. The backenend settings of “frontend menu status” are not used here. I isn´t possible to register a User in backend from outside.

Condition -> conf.inc.php:

$phpwcms['allow_ext_init']   = 1; //allow including of custom external scripts at frontend initializ.
$phpwcms['allow_ext_render'] = 1; //allow including of custom external scripts at frontend rendering

$phpwcms['allow_cntPHP_rt']  = 1; //allow PHP replacement tags and includes in content parts

// Since V1.3.2
$phpwcms['SESSION_FEinit']   = 1; // set 1 to enable sessions in frontend, 0 to disable sessions in frontend

// Since V1.3.4
$phpwcms['feuser_regkey']    = 'FEUSER';

Copy the files:

- /template/inc_script/froentend_render/disabled/felogin.render.php -> /template/inc_script/froentend_render/felogin.render.php
- /template/inc_script/froentend_init/disabled/felogin.init.php     -> /template/inc_script/froentend_init/felogin.init.php

Starting position:

.L  E  V  E  L
-:  :  :  :  :  :
-0  1  2  3  4  5  <- LEVEL-No.)
-:  :  :  :  :  :
-+ root   :  :  :                        ID=0
-+--+ en  :  :  :                        ID=01
-+--+--+ category_01                     ID=02
-+--+--+ category_02                     ID=03  -> parent category (Loginbase)
-+--+--+--+ category_02_01               ID=05  {FELOGIN} (Login)
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_01_01         ID=07  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_01_02         ID=08  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+ category_02_02               ID=06  {FELOGIN} (Login)
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_01         ID=11  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_02         ID=12  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_02_01   ID=13  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+ category_02_03               ID=09  {FELOGIN} (Login)
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_03_01         ID=14  -> access blocked
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_03_02         ID=15  -> access blocked
-+--+--+ category_03                     ID=04
-+--+--+ category_04                     ID=10
-:  :  :  :  :  :
-0  1  2  3  4  5  <- LEVEL No.

Blocked shall/may:

-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_01_01         ID=07
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_01_02         ID=08

-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_01         ID=11
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_02         ID=12
-+--+--+--+--+--+ category_02_02_02_01   ID=13

-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_03_01         ID=14
-+--+--+--+--+ category_02_03_02         ID=15

The login {FELOGIN} is based in:

-+--+--+--+ category_02_01               ID=05  {FELOGIN}
-+--+--+--+ category_02_02               ID=06  {FELOGIN}
-+--+--+--+ category_02_03               ID=09  {FELOGIN}

The parent level of the login site(s), called “login base” are

-+--+--+ category_02                     ID=03

FELOGIN_LEVEL_DEPTH refers to the login basis, thus the category in FELOGIN_LEVEL_ID. The level counting begins at home=0 (root) :!:

;The parent category login basis of the login level is (category_02)

;thus is the level depth to indicate also (category_02 = Level 2)
; -----------------------------------------
; Put in the level depth, root level = 0

; This is the ID of parent's level, root would be 0
; -----------------------------------------

;Name = Passwort
hansi = hansi123
toni  = toni123

waldi = waldi123
oki = oki123
andi = andi123

mini = mini123
moni = momi123

Under the parent login base we find the login categories and below them the hidden categories. All login categories must be placed in the same level.

No multiaccess from one users to several hidden categories available (e.g. the same user at [5] and [9]), unless this user is created for this categories.
However, changing a complete category thread, a login is generated into the new category. The old category is unloged automatically.

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