The events listing shows a mini calendar with the actual month and the days with active events marked as well as the actual date (red border).
You can change month and year by clicking on the titel row, it's AJAX driven.

With a click on the marked dates (days) you'll get the list below filtered for events of that date.

The listing can be filtered by the active calendars for better handling.

The bottom row for each entry contains two mouseover links for preview of the description (as html) and the list of the calendars the event is attached to.

The usual functions for edit, activate/deactivate and delete are available for the single event and for event-sets.

Add new event / edit event

You can add each entry to one or several calendars.
It's basically the same as categories for more flexibility and the possibility to handle several different calendars in one website.

it's all about dates here isn't it?
dates can only be chosen within the calendar to avoid mismatching formats. To change month and years, again, just click on the title row.

Span means that the actual entry lasts for more than one day.
In frontend listings appears a hint with the number of days the event lasts. In the mini-calendars all dates are marked as active.

Time though is a textfield so you can write here a personal time format if you like.
In future releases this could be changed to real time-format to make it compatible with other calendar API's.
In backend time must be entered in 24h format! This can be change for the display of the time in frontend.
So for the moment best format would be e.g. 10:15

I added a little helper if you don't want to enter the time by keyboard: click Time Picker and you can set the time with your mouse.
This feature is still experimental!

Give the event a title. Required field.
The location for the event.
Add a teaser text (plain text only).
This entry is diplayed in teaser listings instead of the wysiwyg description below.

Add an image for the event.
Same functionality as known elsewhere in phpwcms.

The description as wysiwyg field. Here you can add pictures as well.
Note: Pictures are not transmitted with ICS iCalendar function nor is other html content. Only the plain text is extracted from the entry.

You can add a link to one of your phpwcms articles to provide your users more detailed information to the event.

New in V1.2: Events can be added to a certain user, so only this user can edit the entry later on. (Admins always can edit all events).

When adding a new event you can choose a sheduling function to add multiple entries at once.

These eventsets belong together so you can change the set again at once later.
Note: In sets you can not edit the date, this has to be done for each event.

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