CP Mini Calendar

First you choose which calendars/categories you want to include in your frontend

then you choose what kind of frontend output you need; event listing, teaser listing or minicalendar

You can display several month at once. Appearance (column/row) can be handled in CSS.

Mini Calendar

You can add your own css to make the calendar personal to your needs/wants.

The module comes with 4 css files to choose from:

but you can easily make your own.

There are some options related to the link behavior.
You can enable the links globally for articlelinks if there are any, and for the days with entries, where they should link to and optionally jump directly to that entry by enabling the anchor option.

Set the first day of the week according to your preferences.

Here you can add to the forward and back link in the calendar view an image, default value (char) is defined in translation section.

Replacement tag for the calendar view

You need to add a replacement tag somewhere in your page in order to get the mini calendar visible in frontend.
It's not enough to just set the CP with the calendar view enabled.

Most likely you'll need to add the replacement tag right after the CP cmCalendar like:

  • CP cmCalendar with calendar view enabled
  • CP Single Text with RT: {CM_CALENDAR}

this will show the Mini Calendar at this position. (I had to do it like that to get a flexible way to include the mini calendar in general templates also)

{CM_CALENDAR} You can use it in your template, but the current content part must be included in that page.

To use it anywhere in your templates place the current content part in a hidden structure and use replacement tag: {CM_CALENDAR}{SHOW_CONTENT:CP,[CP-ID]}

AJAX Mini Calendar

There exists an AJAX extension for the frontend calendar, only available as donationware.

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