Listing Functions

In all tabs in backend you'll get an overview of the content according to this section in form of a listing.

The functions for this listings are all more or less the same.

  • You can show/hide all active and/or inactive entries in the list.
  • You can search for certain entries.
  • You can limit the numbers of shown entries in the list.

When not all entries can be displayed in one view a paging function appears in the function row to jump next/back or to a certain page number.

When a list is filtered by a search the script shows a hint. Thats, because all filters are session based (you set a filter for a list, then you do other stuff in other sections of the backend and when you come back to the same tab in the module the list appears still filtered). Click on 'show all' will always reset all previous settings.

Calendar related filtering

The events section has some special filter options:

  • Make visible the old entires by enabling the 'old dates' option. By default all events from the first of the current month on are listed.
  • You can choose a certain month with/or a certain year. This will display only the events of that period.
  • You can filter the list by a certain calendar.
  • And finally you can set the sort order ascending or descending.

New in V1.2
There are two other filter options in the events listing of the module.
To filter the listing by a certain date click the day in the backend calendar you see on top of the listing.

If you have event-sets in your listing and you want to see only the events of a certain set click the filter button in one of the sets entries.

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