Date Picker

Author: Stefan Petre

Date Picker component with a lot of options and easy to fit in your web application.


  • Flat mode - as element in page
  • Multiple calendars in the component
  • Allows single, multiple or range selection
  • Mark dates as special, weekends, special days
  • Easy to customize the look by changing CSS
  • Localiation for months' and days' names
  • Custom day to start the week
  • Fits into the viewport

Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.


Lof JSliderNews 1.0

Jquery 1.3 & Easing plugin

  • Direction: Right - Left.
  • The Navigator is the list of thumbnails.
  • The plugin allow to use the wheelup and wheeldown to previous|next item in the list

Link: Lof JSliderNews 1.0

jQuery Plug-In socialshareprivacy

”… heise online datenschutzfreundliche Versionen von Empfehlungsbuttons für soziale Netzwerke …” * Artikel: Code für 2-Klick-Empfehlungsbutton von Heise ist erhältlich

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