file center: Error 500

If a damaged image has been loaded into the file center, the system generated an “Error 500” during the thumbnail is created. The file center is no longer usable as long as the switch “enable thumbnail in list on/off” is set to on.
The system tries to generate the Thumb from the defective picture, what causes this error.


The image must be deleted.
For this we should “enable thumbnail in list on/off” turn to “off”, but there is no chance to do so direct in file center (The Error is comming up first LOL ).

But we can achieve that through an indirect method, with a special command in your browser line 8-) .

  1. BE: Goto menu item HOME
  2. Insert into the browser line:
    (Where is your domain or domain and sub folder (
  3. The file center should work again (Mode: Tumbnails disabled), the image can be deleted. would turn on the thumbnails on the indirect way again.

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