Image call tag cmsimage.php

There is a uninversal methode by tag to display every picture with desired item and issue format.

For this the file img/cmsimage.php is used with a parameter set like WIDTHxHEIGHTxCROPxQUALITY/image-file-id.ext

 Long description:  img/cmsimage.php/WIDTHxHEIGHTxCROPxQUALITY/image-file-id.ext
 Short description: img/cmsimage.php/WxHxCxQ/image-file-id.ext
 Example-1:         img/cmsimage.php/100x100x1x90/1.jpg#
 Example-2:         img/cmsimage.php/100x150x0/1.jpg

Example 01:

<img src="<?=PHPWCMS_URL?>img/cmsimage.php/100x100x1x90/1.jpg" alt="my picture" />

→ This example extradites a image 100 x 100 pixel, cropped in quality 90 with file-id = 1 and in jpg format.

Example 02:

[ID contact]<img src="img/cmsimage.php/100x150x0x90/66.jpg" alt="my picture" />[/ID]

→ This example extradites a image with the maximum dimensions 100 x 150 pixel, no cropping in quality 90 (only jpg) with file-id = 66 and in jpg format.
→ A link will be generated to the category contact. (By using the standard tag [ID alias]Text or image[/ID]).

The quality can also escaped (value from used).


<img src="img/cmsimage.php/100x150/66" alt="mein Bild" />[/ID]

→ Quality from, no cropping, the image with the ID = 66 is used.

<note tip> If the picture is not cropped, the representation always depends on the smallest indicated side length. Aspect ratio always remains. </note>

<note tip>For catching the file-ID you must only going into the file center, then please move the mouse over the little pic in front of the filename.

Have a look: Find a file or folder ID</note>

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