page layout-template-article

FIXME language correction

ADMIN -> page layout:

→ page layout create (or change an existing one)

  • page title: [My site title]
  • add to title: [draw up a shortlist]
  • rendering: [x] (custom (from template main block))

Please leave blank all other fields.

ADMIN -> templates:

→ Create a new template (or change an existing one)

  • name: [name of your page template]
  • layout [refer to a page layout]
  • CSS file: [refer to files from the folder /template/inc_css/* to the layout (multiple choice <Strg><left mouse button>)]
  • html head <head>:
  • e.g:
     <meta name=" my tags" insert />
     <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />
     <!--[if IE]><style>
     <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
  • header: (leave it blank)
  • main: Here you have to fill in the HTML-source of the layout (all between <body> und </body> without this two tags, in addition with the placeholder {HEADER} {CONTENT} {LEFT} {RIGHT} {FOOTER} )

*for example

 - <table style="height:auto;">
 .........{CONTENT} ............
 - </table>

(A div layout is the better option)

  • footer: leave it blank)
  • left: leave it blank)
  • right: leave it blank)
  • error: At this place please put in your error (HTML) code (This text is comming up, if the selected site hasn´t any content).,
  • e.g.
    <!-- Error - Output of sites without content ===== //-->
    <br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    This page is momentarily being reworked or is not intended yet for the public. 
    <br /><br />
    Please try it later again. 
    <br /><br /><br />
    <br /><br />

Please have a look: Templates

ADMIN -> site structure and article

The content of the page will be placed into the page via the relevant articles and CPs (Contentparts) using the available placeholder.

Please create the site structure at ADMIN → site structure.

The site structure aliases normally are generated automatically, but you can overwrite them with your own alias name. (This name is unique for the whole system). To each category (site structure level) a page template is assigned to (which is defining your layout). In theory, every category can have it's own template (=Layout).


For now fill the site with content, at least in each category you have to create one article:
ARTICLE → Categorie [+] create new article.
ARTICLE → Edit article information
- Required at least is the article title and the activation of the article (bottom left [x] visible)
(At this time the remaining fields stay blank).

Now you can create several CPs within article [contentpart selection] [add]
CP select, appoint output destination,(display: [place holder])
filling up content and at the lower left switch to [x] visible)

<note> An article (even if it is empty) must be created in each category, because the system will produce a 404 error. </note>


Now only your navigation is missing. ADMIN → templates: → template select

At the place where the navigation should appear, please insert - NAV_LIST_UL . FIXME

E.g. vertical navigation: <div class=“nlu_navi1”>{NAV_LIST_UL:F,ID,,act_path,active}</div>

Now go to assign the right css file /template/inc_css/nlu_navi1.css from NAV_LIST_UL to the template (see above ). FIXME

So this should work from the beginning.

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