NAV_LIST_UL (Parameter)


Autor: K.Heermann (flip-flop)
CMS-Version: >= V1.2.7
CMS-Version: >= V1.4.4 r387
Version: 1.1
Update: V1.0 → V1.1 ab CMS V1.4.4 r387 (03.12.2009)
- {NAV_LIST_UL} experimental support for menu items based on articles article added (FA, PA, FPA). Parameter 9 can be used to defined the articlemenu start level depth.

Short explanation: (see also NAV_LIST_UL full example css file)


wrap_ul_div(0=off, 1=<div>, 2=<div id="">, 3=<div class="navLevel-x">), 

Folder: – (System)


V1.0 < CMS V1.4.4 r386 (29.11.2009)
@string $parameter = “menu_type, start_id, max_level, class_path, class_active, ul_id_name, wrap_ul_div(0 = off, 1 = <div>, 2 = <div id=””>, 3 = <div class=“navLevel-x”>), wrap_link_text(<em>|</em>)”

V1.0 ⇒ CMS V1.4.4 r387 (03.12.2009)
@string $parameter = “menu_type, start_id, max_level, class_path, class_active, ul_id_name, wrap_ul_div(0 = off, 1 = <div>, 2 = <div id=””>, 3 = <div class=“navLevel-x”>), wrap_link_text(<em>|</em>), articlemenu_start_level

E.g.: {NAV_LIST_UL:F, 19, 10, act_path, active, id, 2, <em>|</em>, 2} (Not a real one).

No Exapmple parameter comment
1 F menu_type[[F,VCSS,HCSS]P] - F = active path unfolded,
- VCSS = vertical, all levels unfolded, add special code for vertical CSS flyout menu,
- HCSS = horizontal, all levels unfolded, add special code for horizontal CSS flyout menu
- P = Output of the parent link and in combination with F, VCSS, HCSS like FP, VCSSP, HCSSP. (Sinze V1.3x)
- B = Bootstrap compatible rendering (B isn't working together with F)
- A = Output of the article links if article listing mode is active, in combination with F and P, like FA, PA, FPA. (since V1.4.4 r387)
2 19 start_id Point of start (The ID you see at site structure)
3 10 max_level From start_id X level deep
If max_level = 0 no limitation, max_level=1 limits to the first level - there will be no sub <ul> displayed and so on…
4 act_path class_path <ul class=“act_path”>
<li ….
5 active class_active <ul class=“act_path”>
<li class=“sub_ul act_path active sub_first”><a href=”….</a>
<ul class=“act_path”>
6 id ul_id_name individual name (ID=Category-ID) for ul_id and li_id
<ul id=“id_12”>
<li id=“id_16” class=“sub_no”><a href=”….</a></li>
<li id=“id_17” class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<ul id=“id_14”>
<li id=“id_24” class=“sub_no”><a href=”….</a></li>
7 2 wrap_ul_div ( wrapping a div container around every <ul>…..</ul>
- 0 = off nothing
- 1 = <div> <ul>
<li class=“sub_no”><a href=”….</a></li>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
- 2 = <div id=””> <ul>
<li class=“sub_no”><a href=”….</a></li>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<div id=“ul_div_30”>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<div id=“ul_div_32”>
<li ….
- 3 = <div class=“navLevel-x”> <div class=“navLevel-0”> <ul>
<li class=“sub_no”><a href=”….</a></li>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<div class=“navLevel-1”>
<li class=“sub_ul”><a href=”….</a>
<div class=“navLevel-2”>
<li ….
- )
8 <em>|</em> wrap_link_text(<em>|</em>) <li class=“sub_no”><a href=”….”><em>Link Text</em></a></li>
9 2 articlemenu_start_level <li class=“asub_no [asub_first] [active]>”<a href=”….”></li>
(beginning of the article link output starting from the second level) (since v1.4.4 r387 (03.12.2009))
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

⇒ And several combinations of this reproduced stuff.

More possibilities

{NAV_LIST_UL:P,0,,current|menu responsive-menu,current}

to achieve something like

<ul class="menu responsive-menu">
   <li class="sub_parent current"><a href="index.php?index" title="Home">Home</a></li>
   <li class="sub_no sub_first"><a href="index.php?kontakt" title="Kontakt">Kontakt</a></li>
   <li class="sub_no sub_last"><a href="index.php?impressum" title="Impressum">Impressum</a></li>

to handle more than one class in a responsive menu (responsive is the new gimmick, you know ;) )


articlemenu_start_level|articlemenu_list_image_size (WxHxCROP OR WxHxCROP)|articlemenu_use_text (take text from: description:MAXLEN OR menutitle:MAXLEN OR teaser:MAXLEN OR teaser:HTML)|articlemenu_position (inside|outside)|<custom>[TEXT]{TEXT}[/TEXT][IMAGE]<img src=”{IMAGE}” alt=”{IMAGE_NAME}”>[/IMAGE]</custom>

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