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Advanced Wysiwyg-Text & image (V1.3)


  • Wysiwyg Text
  • Thumb with LightBox
  • Link with thumb
  • TAG-Control: for Thumbnail when calling: e.g. WxHxCxQ=150x100x0x80 (WIDTHxHEIGHTxCROPxQUALITY)
  • TAG-Template: All Day [ALLDAY]...[/ALLDAY]..[ALLDAY_ELSE]...[/ALLDAY_ELSE] (04.01.2011)
  • 18.01.2011
  • TAG-Control: show_past=0|1 [off|on] (shows the recent events in the time window if possible)
  • TAG-Control: date_start=+-XX Tage (Start date of the time window relative to the current day)
  • The template is divided into three areas <!--CALENDAR_HEADER//--> <!--CALENDAR_ENTRY//--> <!--CALENDAR_FOOTER//-->
  • TAG-Template: {TIMEWINDOWSTART:d.m.Y}, {TIMEWINDOWEND:d.m.Y} (Start- and end dates of the time window available)
  • TAG-Template: {DATE:d.m.Y} (Date of the current day)
  • TAG-Template: Current day [TODAY]...[/TODAY]..[TODAY_ELSE]...[/TODAY_ELSE]
  • 30.03.2011
  • With the internal time query of the current date now also the time is considered when "show_past=0". Likewise during the day input of TODAY..
    If this is not required when entering TODAY, please insert a “0” instead of TODAY. The time is now set to 00:00:00.

Changed: (18.01.2011)

  • Name of the php class changed from "calender.class.php" to "calender_v13.class.php" at "include/inc_module/mod_calendar/inc/"
  • Name of the CSS file changed from "calender.css" to "calender_v13.css" at "template/inc_css/specific/"
  • Name of the template file changed from "my_dates_list_de.html" to "calender_v13.html" at "template/calendar/"
  • Calling the two above Files in the file "init_calendar.php" at "template/inc_script/frontend_render/"

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Author: K.Heermann (flip-flop)
CMS Version: >= V1.4.2 r348
Version: V1.2 (30.11.2010)
Update: V1.2a (04.01.2011)
Update: V1.2a filename changed (08.01.2011)
Update: V1.3 several parts expanded (18.01.2011)
Folder: include/inc_module/mod_calendar/inc/ *

Call of the calendar in the frontend

Pleaser enter into a CP HTML or “plain text” this TAG-Set:

tag=tag1, tag2
date_start=01.01.2011 or 01.01.2011 12:33 or TODAY or 0 or -15
date_end=31.12.2011 or 31.12.2011 14:00 or TODAY or 0 or 30

Calendar time window:

is set with date_start and date_end.

The values can be:

  • A Date e.g. 03.02.2011
  • The word TODAY for the current day and time (sliding time window)
  • The indication of the number XX days from current date viewed: 15 or -20
    • E.g. a sliding time window could be starting at
    • date_start=TODAY
    • and always shows the next 30 days from start date
    • date_end=30
    • Number of days = 0 is a special case, like TODAY but with hr:min = 00:00


This value determines whether or not to show past appointments.
The output (show_past=1) only makes sense if either a static time window (date_start= date_start=01/06/2011 and date_start=12/31/2011) or a sliding time window forward to the current date (date_start=-15 and date_start=30) is set.

Template V1.3:

Z.B. in template/calendar/TemplateName.html

Added TEXTLONG for the Wysiwyg Text and IMAGE_CALENDAR for the little Thumbnail and original image (LightBox).


The execution of the LightBox is controlled by the switch [x] LightBox.
[x] click zoom without function.
If a link is set in the URL box below the image it is only active if the lightbox is not turned on.

Technology: The images are loaded with the process “cmsimage”.

Adds to Template V1.2:

  • [ALLDAY] . . . [/ALLDAY] - [ALLDAY_ELSE] . . . [/ALLDAY_ELSE] for specific entries for the switch “All Day” show or hide.
[ALLDAY] . . . [/ALLDAY]

  • {TIMEWINDOWSTART:d.m.Y} . . . {TIMEWINDOWEND:d.m.Y} output of Start/end time of the time window (in the HEADER and FOOTER available).
  • {DATE:d.m.Y} outputs the current date in the entire template.
  • Subdivision of the template in three areas:

<div class="calendar_all">
<p>Date Today: <b>{DATE:d.m.Y}</b></p>
<p>The issue date of <b>{TIMEWINDOWSTART:d.m.Y}</b> to <b>{TIMEWINDOWEND:d.m.Y}</b></p>


  • [TODAY][/TODAY] - [TODAY_ELSE][/TODAY_ELSE] indicates the current day.
    <div class="date [TODAY]today[/TODAY]">

mit z.B.

.calendar div.left .date {
    background-color: lightgrey;
.calendar div.left .today{
    background-color: #D0C2EF;

Example entire template:


<!-- calender_v13 //-->
<div class="calendar_all">
<p>Date Today: <b>{DATE:d.m.Y}</b></p>
<p>The issue date of <b>{TIMEWINDOWSTART:d.m.Y}</b> to <b>{TIMEWINDOWEND:d.m.Y}</b></p>
<div class="calendar">
  <div class="left">
    <div class="date [TODAY]today[/TODAY]">
      <p><strong>[ALLDAY]Date: [/ALLDAY][ALLDAY_ELSE]Start Date: [/ALLDAY_ELSE]{STARTDATE:d.m.}</strong><strong class="year">{STARTDATE:Y}</strong></p>
      [ALLDAY_ELSE]<p><strong>End Date: {ENDDATE:d.m.}</strong><strong class="year">{ENDDATE:Y}</strong></p>[/ALLDAY_ELSE]
  <div class="detail">
    <div class="image">
    <div class="teaser">
      [PLACE]<p class="place">Place: {PLACE}</p>[/PLACE]
      [HREF]<div class="other">HREF: {HREF}</div>[/HREF]
      [URL]<div class="other">AID/Alias/URL: {URL}[TARGET]{TARGET}[/TARGET]</div>[/URL]
      [TEXT]Teaser text: <div class="textlong">{TEXT}</div>[/TEXT]
      [TEXTLONG]Description: <div class="textlong">{TEXTLONG}</div>[/TEXTLONG]
  <div style="clear:both;"><!--nop//--></div>

Download V1.3:

  • include/inc_module/mod_calendar/inc/calendar_v13.class.php (Update 18.01.2011 several changes)
  • template/inc_script/frontend_render/init_calendar.php (Update 18.01.2011)
  • template/calendar/calendar_v13.html (Update 18.01.2011 several changes)
  • template/inc_css/specific/calendar_v13.css (Update 18.01.2011 Adaptation to new TAGs) (9.52 KiB, 109 downloads)

Download V1.3 completely:

The complete module with all files.

Incl. a small extension in the BE: Month Buttons

<note important> Installation: The old module in include/inc_module/mod_calendar must completely deleted, or overwrite with this version.
Please do not rename the path of the old version, that does not work.

Please delete or rename the previous file "template/inc_script/frontend_render/init-calendar.php" to "init-calendar.php_" !! </note> (50.3 KiB, 124 downloads)

Knut Heermann (flip-flop) 2010/11/30 01:37

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