Principally user rights will be overridden by group rights in case a user is assigned to a group. But you don't have to assign a user to a group. Usually the management will be much easier if you set up group profiles and sort the users accordingly to their tasks nonetheless.

You can set up an unlimited number of groups with different rights.

<note> The default user rights (as set up by the CMS system) (simple user and Administrator) aren't of any relevance anymore. </note>


The new Super-Admin has unlimited access to all functions in BE, if the following minimal rights are set (this doesn't count for files of the file center!):

As a rule of thumb only one should be set up as a Super-Admin.

The specific rights for the different functions are self-explaining, but there is one exception:

Contentpart selection

Contentparts all / Contentparts medium / Contentparts small

You now have the possibility to restrict CPs for different users/groups. One of three CP type sets can be assigned to a user/group.

Two of these sets can be furnished to your liking by simply editing the respective files accordingly. (The first set Contentparts all is as is = all and therefore there is no need to edit anything).

  1. include/inc_module/mod_user_group/inc_lib/article.contenttype_medium.inc.php –> (Medium)
  2. include_inc_module/mod_user_group/inc_lib/article.contenttype_small.inc.php –> (Small)

Simply comment every Content part you will not be going to use and put two slashes at the beginning of the appropriate line. In our example below CP felogin and CP FlashPlayer are commented, thusly not occurring anymore within the CP selection.

    27 => $BL['be_ctype_faq'],
//kh    28 => $BL['be_ctype_felogin'],
//kh    25 => $BL['be_ctype_flashplayer']

<note> Please edit these files with an AscII-Editor only (z.B. Notepad oder PSPad). </note>

The meaning of every CP you will find over here: Content part Types

Used CP-Sets are at the moment:

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