Enhancement V2.1 e01

This extension represents a module group administration for the backend. Different functional areas for simple user can be hidden.

Forum: Eigene Rechteverwaltung (V2.0 MarioK)
Forum: http://forum.phpwcms.org/viewtopic.php?p=117282#p117282 (V2.1 BjörnB)

Programmer: MarioK
Enhancement V2.1: BjörnB
Enhancement V2.1 e1: Knut Heermann (flip-flop)

Download V2.1: Please have a look in this thread: Eigene Rechteverwaltung (BjörnB)
Download V2.1-e1: Enhanced V2.1 e01 (76.32 KiB, 133 downloads) (19.06.09) At this moment still a little bit buggy.

My enhancement is based on the work of MarioK and BjörnB. I have implemented some new features as you can see in the picture below. But the most interested thing is a workaround for the crappy normal user account (no- article/cp copy, cut/paste …) .

Now we can give our users full system admin rights in backend and switch off all critical points using the module.

<note warning > Please never switch off Super-Admin and user- administration/groups at the same time. You will kick off from the right management completely. The only way to solve this problem is an insert of the string 7fff3f (all rights) direct into the database phpwcms_user into the field usr_permissions. </note>

During installation all admins became the rights 7fff3fSee the picture behind.

The normal user becames the rights 14480 * file categories: [x]

  • article alias: [x]
  • article center: [x]
  • News: [x]
  • Contentparts medium: [x]

<note important> Be shure you set all real admins to a minimum off

  • user administration [x]
  • user groups [x]
  • Mod. User/Groups [x]
  • Super-Admin [x]


Groups are likewise reserved with the rights 4680 * file categories: [x]

  • article alias: [x]
  • article center: [x]
  • News: [x]
  • Contentparts medium: [x]

Please test it.

Changelog KH

- Knut Heermann (flip-flop)

Pfad: /include/inc_module/mod_user_group/

08.03.09 Fontgroesze geaendert

File: admin.groups.tmpl.php

Zeile 69: <font style=\”font-size:6px<font style=\”font-size:9px

08.03.09 Erweiterungen

File: inc_lib/load_permissions.php

  • phpmyadmin (Button)
array(0, $BL['phpmyadmin'])
  • Artikelzentrale (Button und Inhaltausgabe / Home ausgeblendet)
array(0, $BL['be_subnav_article_center'])
  • News (Button)
array(0, $BL['be_news'])
  • Contentparts alle / Contentparts medium / - Contentparts small
    1. Drei Dateien in /include/inc_lib/*
 - article.contenttype.inc.php         -> array(0, $BL['be_ctype_all'])
 - article.contenttype_medium.inc.php  -> array(0, $BL['be_ctype_meduim'])
 - article.contenttype_small.inc.php   -> array(0, $BL['be_ctype_small'])
Module ausblenden:
  • Zusammensetzung des Bezeichners: 'be_modules_'$value[“name”]
  • $value[“name”] ist der Linkname des Moduls ´bsp. bei Glossar = glossary
  • ($value[“name”] ⇒ Mit der Maus über Modul hovern ⇒ Statuszeile)
 - Mod. Bannerwerbung       (alias: ads)        -> array(0, $BL['be_modules_ads'])
 - Mod. Kalender/Events     (alias: claendar)   -> array(0, $BL['be_modules_calendar'])
 - Mod. Glossar             (alias: glossary)   -> array(0, $BL['be_modules_glossary'])
 - Mod. Shop/Produkte       (alias: shop)       -> array(0, $BL['be_modules_shop'])
 - Mod. Benutzer / Gruppen  (alias: usergroup)  -> array(0, $BL['be_modules_usergroup'])

Anpassen der Dateien /lang/de.lang.php und /lang/en.lang.php
Text entsprechend den Variablen hinzugefuegt


  1. Die Version installieren
  2. Als User mit Adminrechten anmelden.
  3. Das Modul “User/Group” aufrufen und die Fehler beseitigen.
  4. Nach Admin → Benutzerverwaltung → Dein Admin-User → [RIGHTS] wechseln und die gewünschten Rechte einstellen (siehe Bild). Mindestens jedoch
  • Benutzerverwaltung [x]
  • Benutzergruppen [x]
  • Mod. Benutzer/Gruppen [x]
  • Super-Admin [x]
  1. in Gruppenverw.: Admin-User in Gruppen eintragen, gleichzeitig auch die Rechte vergeben.
  2. Im Modul Benutzer/Gruppen den Installations-Modus abschalten :!:
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