Porting a system

FIXME (translate)

Typical steps while installing a new system:

- Set up a new DB with the help of your account backend.

  1. transfer all phpwcms files via FTP onto your website account. Newest version: - http://code.google.com/p/phpwcms/downloads/list
  2. Set up the right permissions - check out Docu Installation & Update.
  3. Call domain.tld/setup/setup.php
  4. Insert your specific DB Data
  5. Install the system (it's fairly self explanatory)

Porting a complete system:

Old version:

  1. Make a backup of your old DB - you can do that with your phpMyAdmin (recommended) or mysqldumper or heidisql
  2. Backup all your static files via FTP.

New version:

  1. Set up a new DB
  2. Insert backup of your old DB into your newly created one using (phpMyAdmin (recommended) or mysqldumper or heidisql)
  3. Transfer back all your saved static files via FTP onto your new Account.
  4. Set some needed permissions according to - Docu Installation & Update.
  5. Edit file named /config/phpwcms/conf.inc.php:
    1. Insert New DB Parameter
    2. eventually Domain
    3. eventually path
    4. eventually eMail and smtp Parameter

Your new System will now show a precise copy of your old one and should run without any problems.

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