A DIFF using TotalCommander

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Recommended: TortoiseSVN with absolutely reliable results.

Forum: http://forum.phpwcms.org/viewtopic.php?p=94321#p94321
Autor: K.Heermann (flip-flop) http://planmatrix.de 2009/05/20

Tool: TotalCommander

Download Snapshot: DEV - Versions in ZIP format

  • 1. call TC and then
  • 2. unpack old snapshot
  • 3. unpack new Snapashot
  • 4. left area: open the older snapshot (simply by putting it into that folder)
  • 5. right area: open your new snapshot (see above)
  • 6. Commands → Folder Synchronise
  • 7. Switch:
  * [ ] Asymetric
  * [X] Subfolder 
  * [X] by content
  * [ ] ignore date

  * display: activate right blue arrow only
  * activate Double and single
  • 8. Compare
  • 9. wait
  • 10. activate left green arrow to check, if anything has to be removed from old installation or if the old snapshot is containing components which are present in the new snapshot as a more recent entry (to prevent the system from being filled up with ballast. You will be warned immediately if a new developement is containing older entries than are in the new snapshot→ React).
  • 10. deactivate green arrow
  • 11. Synchronise → choose target folder.
  • 12. When finished the program is comparing again. This can be interrupted by you.

This way you'll get a clean DIFF to be uploaded via FTP.

Done in (depending on PC speed) approx. 2-3Min.


V1.4.2 r310 ↔ V1.4.2 r313
The unpacked Snapshots is given in /phpwcms310/ and /phpwcms313/
Still another empty folder was provided /r310-r313/ in order to take up the difference.

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