2 Click Solution

Automatic tracking of page visits by third-party social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have caused concerns about the legacy of this in accordance to the EU law, notable the collection of user information sent to the US servers without explicit user consent.
There were reports along with words of lawyers that it would be sufficient if the integrated like button would not automatically trigger an interaction with the US server per se, but only with user consent, i.e. manual interaction like the click.
Heise.de came up with a 2-click-solution that will effectively disable unintentional automatic tracking but show a dummy picture before instead and allow the user to selectively allow it for the whole site.

The PHPWCMS module includes this feature, slightly adapted.

You can activate the solution in your module. This will tell the script to collect all Like buttons, Tweet buttons and Google+ buttons on the website and add them to the 2 click solution.

In frontend it will look basically like this:

The user can click each dummy icon to enable the functions of the buttons. This should meet the above conditions.


Some settings can be made in the module.

:!: The 2 Click Solution requires JQuery! If JQuery is not set in your template(s) the standard implementation of the buttons will be displayed! :!:

give the i = Info button a link to further information, leave empty for no link.

privide your frontend users with infos of how to handle it
the buttons can be enabled for the whole domain by the users individually (sets a cookie)

further infos can be provided by mouseover over the buttons

The appearance of the dummy buttons and its pictures can be changed with CSS see the template/socialshareprivacy and template/socialshareprivacy/images folder in the module
:!: Be aware that Facebook does not allow to use the original faebook logo for the dummy!
but do not hesitate to write facebook how stupid this is

since the likeit button and the google+ button in certain settings render to 450px width, the container pattern is as shown above
the buttons take 80% of the width, and the settings-box is placed absolute in the top right corner.
You should be fine when only set the dimensions for the 'id=socialshareprivacy' div.


Where will the 2 click solution appear?

When activated all Facebook-Likeit, Twitter Tweet and Google+ buttons will be collected and displayed on the page within the 2 click solution. The 2 click solution appears on first encounter of a RT in the HTML Code (Order: Facebook, Twitter, Google) or, if present, replaces {MSP_TWOCLICK}.

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