Here you see a list of all your Facebook Plugins.

Each with its name and the according Replacement-Tag to use within your template or in your articles.
→ When you added a plugin you can just click on the Replacement Tag shown in the listing and Copy+Paste the RT to wherever you want the plugin to appear on your site.

At the moment these Facebook Plugins are available:

  • Like Button
  • Recommendation
  • Activity Feed
  • Comment Box
  • Share Dialog (New in v1.0.5)

<note> Deleting a plugin here does not automatically delete the Replacement Tags you added to your site (most likely to your template). The RT's are not rendered anymore when a plugin is deleted. The entries/actions in the Facebook sites of the users will remain though!

Same thing happens when you disable a Like Plugin here. It will not be rendered anymore on your website, but the actions executed by that button still remain in the Facebook sites of the users who liked your pages.</note>

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