Settings API

The JW Image Rotator features an extensive javascript API that can be used for sending events and extracting updates.
You can add flashvars here as well, or overwrite previously set ones with different values.

This tutorial explains all available interactions, using the JW Image Rotator for all examples.

Note that javascript interaction only work for the Flash Plugin 8+ and only online, due to security restrictions.
Note as well that most of the examples in the above link only work with the Player 4.0/Player 4.0 which does work only with the JW Media Player not with the JW Image Rotator.

When you enable the javascript option the following flashvars/parameters are added to the player:
javascriptid=[ID of contentpart]

Those are needed when you want to use the API!

Call the javascript function for the event you like to add outside the player, everywhere on your site
for example:

<a href="javascript:sendEvent('MODfir801','playpause');">play/pause </a>\\


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