Modules Section

The Modules section in the backend of phpwcms lists an overview of all xml playlists for the rotator module.

Click the xml-icon to see the content of the xml file.

The update option rewrites the xml file.
This is needed when you changed something in an included folder of the filecenter.

Important :!:
When you include a filecenter folder in one of your image rotator content parts you have a reference to this folder.
Each time either the content part itself is updated or the xml file is updated in the modules section the script collects the actual image files within this folder(s).
Just change something in the filecenter does not update the xml file automatically, you must update the files manually, easiest here in the module section with just one click.

Click the filename will open the content part.

Tip ;-)
Give the XML file a description in the content part to better recognize it later.

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