Manage Files

The Image Rotator plays xml-playlists written by the module according to your selections in the backend of phpwcms.
With the drag icon you can move an entry within the list to another position by drag and drop. You must udate the content part in order to get saved the new sorting.

Delete the entry with a click on the trash icon. Attention! No confirmation will appear, it deletes right away!
You can not delete the entry when there is only one left.

You should delete empty entries in the listing although they are not included in the playlist!

New file

Click to add a new file to the list.
When more than one file is in the listing the script writes a xml-file to folder: content/tmp named:playlist.rotator_[ID of article]_[ID of contentpart].xml

Add an image file with the internal file browser or type the URL of an external image file.

You can include entire folders from the filecenter of phpwcms.
Main advantage: the handling of images in the filecenter is much easier, you can add and delete the files in the filecenter and the changes are taken over for the rotator content part where that folder is included.
When you open the filebrowser you'll see an 'add' icon in the active folder. Click on that icon will add the conent (all jpg, gif and png files) of the folder to your rotator content part.
The xml file must be updated though, see here.

Giving the entry a link will open the url in a new window/tab with a click on the title in the navigation bar.

Important: the links will only work in frontend when all entries do have a link! Otherwise only the title is shown in the navigation bar.

The option “link from display” is disabled in the script. If you need this option for some reasons you must, as described above, have a link in all entries of the list and add the following to the additional script section: fir[ID of CP]flashvars.linkfromdisplay = “true”;

Link target

Tell the script wether to open the links in a new or in the same window/tab. This setting is now global for all images in the content part.

Add an external image collection

Type the URL of an external xml/rss/asx file with valuable content. The player links to this file and imports the imagelist.
This is a very powerful and time saving feature!

Note that external imagelists/rss feeds only work with the player as single entry in the content part!
External (single) images can be included in a playlist though.

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