Filter UL + DIV

Let's display the content of the catalogue module like this:

a menu with the catalogs on the left, the items sorted by the filter_1, the map, and another filter for the year as drop down

try it out with the sample_ul_div.tmpl and sample_ul_div.css examples in the module (as always - icons and pictures are not included)
it requires the following settings:

when the filter renders as 'div' it takes all items and orders them by the filter-tags and builts the following structure around it (red comes from the template, black comes from the script)

As you may have noticed, the 'div'-filter counts the items per category and displays the number behind the category-title, this can be suppressed by setting 'ctg_headline_number' to display:none in the CSS

It would be possible to open the info window of the marker in the map on mouseover an item in the listing, it's just a bit of javascript - talk to us to get the code, it's not completely free though!

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