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====== Twitter Widget ====== ====== Twitter Widget ======
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---- ----
\\ \\
-===== Domain ===== 
-By default the base url of the page the module is installed in will be sent to twitter. +Since the Twitter Widget depends only on your Twitter account and not on your website please create the button with the preferred look directly on the [[http://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets|Twitter resources website]]. 
-You can though give the button a specific URL instead.\\ +Copy the code there and return to the module and paste the code in the code-field. 
-{{:3rd-party-modules:social_plugins:social-plugins-docu:social-plugins-docu-twitter:screenshot_sp-31.jpg|}}\\ +Once saved you'll get a preview of he button in the backend.
- +
-Note: :!: The tweet will always link back to the page your Tweet Button is placed on. The tweets are related to the domain given here.+
---- ----
\\ \\
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